Quality Learning Environment

The College offers:

  • a wide range of courses, many of which can be combined to suit particular student needs;
  • flexibility in course length and intensity
  • counselling and advice to support individual learning requirements
  • regular student progress tests and evaluations
  • a Self Access Centre to assist individual self-paced learning

The integrity of SACE courses is maintained through small class sizes and a balanced mix of student nationalities.

Teaching Methods

Our aim is to help you communicate in English as quickly and efficiently as possible. The courses are designed to develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and are carefully structured to improve your fluency and accuracy.
Supplementing classroom text books, we use television and radio programs, newspaper and magazine extracts, guest speakers and class excursions to give an essential "real life" perspective of the English language at work.
Classroom activities encourage communication. Our English In The Community Programs, plus our links with educational and community organisations provide practical language opportunities.
The SACE Teacher Training Division conducts regular teacher training seminars, guaranteeing teaching methods are up-to-date and of the highest quality.

International Reputation

Established and accredited in 1987, SACE is proud of its worldwide reputation.
While providing language courses of exceptional quality, the College is equally committed to offering an enjoyable social and cultural experience.
Our professional, highly skilled teaching staff are carefully chosen for their ability to engage students in a stimulating, full learning environment. They are cheerful, friendly and caring.
The broad range of English programs available, combined with the opportunity to mix and match courses to suit individual needs, increasingly draws students from throughout Asia, Europe, South America, North Africa and other regions.
SACE Colleges are also recognised for providing teacher training courses for native and non-native English language students.

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